• Consuming the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that enhance one's total wellness through natural foods assures an optimal balance of nutrients, rather than running the risk of excess through the use of supplements.
  • Increased levels of stress suppress the body's immune function, and during these times many people tend to cuddle up with comfort food. For this reason, it is especially important to feed stress-related cravings with healthy foods that help build the immune system.
  • The good news: A healthy lifestyle - including diet - works well as preventative care for both men and women. And the AHA urges prevention through choosing a diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, like oranges, that contain heart-healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate, pectin, potassium and phytochemicals.
  • Studies show that eating 8 - 10 servings of fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure readings comparable to that seen with the use of high-blood pressure medication.
  • Studies show that people who eat fruit such as lemons, tangerines, oranges and other whole foods, tend to eat less at subsequent meals, compared to people who eat "lighter, more calorie-dense foods" such as chips, snack crackers, desserts or candy.
  • Following a balanced diet that includes fruit, along with regular exercise will help bring weight down without jeopardizing your health.
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