There is no question that HLB is attacking the Citrus Industry worldwide with only a small amount of the planet NOT infected. After nearly two years of studying HLB and applying AgriSolv C-100 to HLB infected trees, as well as non-infected trees, this report reflects the findings, results and theories. There are no scientific claims, rather practical product researchers solving agricultural problems with a natural "holistic" approach. Also, AgriSolv C-100 is not a pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide as defined by the EPA or other agencies and makes no specific claims as such, nor is it a fertilizer as defined by regulation and no such claims are made or represented. AgriSolv C-100 does exhibit many of the exhibited properties and results demonstrated with "legally" registered pesticides and fertilizers. There are many independent lab results showing its effectiveness against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

WHAT IS AgriSolv C-100?

AgriSolv C-100 is produced from natural plant ingredients contained in corn, grains, potatoes, coconut and soybeans in the form of fatty acid, peptides, nucleotides and polysaccharides. Due to its exceedingly small particle size of 1-4 nanometers it rapidly penetrates plant cells and enhances brix (sugar) production in the photosynthesis process. As a result of application, plants and trees grow healthier and more disease resistant with enhanced root and shoot development. Trees mature faster and exhibit an increase in blooming and fruit setting. The superior cleansing action of AgriSolv C-100 helps maximize production by discouraging insect pests and diseases. AgriSolv C-100 does not have any undesirable or negative side effects on human health or the ecosystem. It is entirely non-hazardous, safe to use and usually bio-degradable.


HLB (Hunglongbing), also known as citrus greening or yellow dragon disease, has been reported to be one of the most serious diseases of citrus. Once a tree is infected there is no cure for the disease and all citrus varieties are susceptible regardless of rootstock. It is a bacterial disease that greatly reduces production, destroys the economic value of the fruit and kills trees. The HLB-bacteria multiplies within the phloem cells of the plant effectively clogging up the phloem tubes, which carry organic nutrients such as sugars around to all areas of the plant. Without this the trees will die. The disease presents no threats to the health of people or animals. HLB greening is spread by an insect known as the Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri. The psyllid transfers the HLB-greening from infected trees to healthy trees.

HOW DOES AgriSolv C-100 WORK?

AgriSolv C-100 is applied as a foliar spray tree wash. As such it is an extremely effective cleaner. HLB is a bacteria that clogs up the folium causing the tree to die. Considering the trees treated with AgriSolv C-100 are not dying we have to consider that as a mico-stimulant foliar liquid it may be boosting the cell production providing a neutralization of the bacteria. When applied as a foliar spray it may be absorbed into the leaves, bark and stem connection of the fruit, eradicating the bacteria and allowing the boost of cell production and unclogging the folium. As spray liquid applied to trees gets into the soil, it will begin to remediate past pesticides and herbicides improving the soil quality and stimulating the roots. It very well may be the combination of all of the above as to why AgriSolv C-100 is proving effective in improving the overall health and production of the grove.


HLB-greening is spread by an insect known as the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP). ACP nymphs can only survive on the new flush tips of citrus. Because they produce a toxin, the flush tips die back or become twisted and the leaves do not expand normally. This problem can be reduced through pesticide control of the phsyllid population or releases of natural enemies. Now there is a new threat: The insects they are fighting are becoming less sensitive to insecticides. Common chemical pesticides are just doing the same things over and over expecting different results, stressing the trees and causing environmental damage. AgriSolv C-100 will control ACP as well as most insects found in the grove. It will control and deter many types of insects, but it is NOT poisonous to them. Rather it affects their shells (exoskeleton). The Psyllid cannot build up a resistance to AgriSolv C-100 due to its non-petrochemical makeup. Innovations in chemistry results in the creation of billions of micelles, which are activated to form what can best be described as a "super cleaner." This allows them to enter the plant cells (stomata) of the leaves, where the sugar factory is located, which causes an accelerated increase in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce sugar, which is converted to form the basis for the starches, cellulose, waxes, carbohydrates, oils and protein that are the building blocks for all plant growth. Therefore, the plant grows more rapidly, is healthier, stronger and better able to resist disease.

Worldwide about 3 billion kg of pesticides are applied each year at a cost of nearly $40 billion (Pan-UK,2003). There has been a 10-fold increase in insecticide use in the US from 1945 to 2000. Yet during this period, total crop losses from insect damage have nearly doubled from 7% to 13% (Pimental). The total number of pesticide poisonings in the US is estimated at 300,000 per year (EPA). AgriSolv not only offers an environmentally friendly solution to many of today's agricultural problems, it does so in a remarkably efficient manner, so that the farmer can solve most of his more troublesome production problems, in a totally non-hazardous manner, while at the same time realizing a cost savings of 50% or more. To date, the experience from growers who have reported to the Company indicates that AgriSolv has been successful in replacing almost all the diverse chemical toxic pollutants now in use. Those who have wished to keep using certain chemicals have mixed them with AgriSolv, thereby lowering cost and increasing effectiveness.

In addition to being far less costly to use, AgriSolv offers a large number of other economic benefits to the grower. These are highlighted below:

+ No health hazard concerns for workers, customers or owners.
+ No warning signs need to be posted before spraying.
+ No concerns of chemical drift harming neighboring plants or crops.
+ No special storage or disposal worries, unlike chemical pesticides.
+ No protective clothing or respirations equipment needed when washing plants.
+ No threat of property or ground water pollution from product spills.
+ No special training required.
+ Provides a non-hazardous and poison-free working environment by replacing dangerous fungicides, insecticides and pesticides, plus degreasers, toxic detergents and polluting solvents.
+ Self cleans equipment, spray tanks, applicators and nozzles.
+ Greatly reduces equipment maintenance costs.
+ Eliminates the possibility of applying the wrong pesticide or incorrect amounts.
+ AgriSolv can be applied as a sole treatment.

To these must be added a number of other benefits AgriSolv provides the farmer/grower:

+ Enhances plant growth and nourishment by breaking the surface tension of water for deeper and more rapid soil penetration.
+ Has increased starter plant growth by 100% to 400% over a 3 month period.
+ Reported increases in product yields over 100%.
+ Reduces costs, compared with pesticide & chemical spraying, by more than 50%.
+ No more hazardous waste disposal requirements to follow.
+ And perhaps the most important benefit of all, increased peace of mind through better crop productivity, combined with non-poisonous and totally safe operations at greatly reduced costs.


AgriSolv does not cost as much as current growth management materials. The first year is the most expensive as more frequent applications are required to rehabilitate the trees from years of toxic use. The second year settles into maintenance applications with low cost per acre and an increase in fruit yield.


There is no doubt the Citrus Industry is in trouble. Leading experts and scientists are offering few solutions to HLB as it continues to spread and cause economic hardship. Completed field testing has shown AgriSolv C-100 to improve the tree health (with or without HLB), control insects and pests. and control numerous citrus diseases, including HLB. We have taken a holistic common sense approach using a natural material, perhaps just what the industry requires after decades of pumping toxic chemicals into trees and soil. A grove owner must ask this one question, "Am I better off now than I was 10 years ago?" If the answer is "NO," then perhaps it's time to consider a change.

Excerpts from: CITRUS PRODUCT
Global BioClean Inc.

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