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…Florida Tangerines, Tangelos and Temples are “Every Zing a snack should be?”
Florida Tangerines, Tangelos and Temples (we refer to them as Florida T-Fruit) are hybrids of other citrus varieties and , as a result, combine the best qualities of all citrus fruit. Each variety has a deep, tantali-Zing flavor, and is juicy and easy-to-peel. Their vibrant, tangy taste adds “Zing” to your day.
Florida T-Fruit are seasonal citrus varieties available during fall and winter. Because of this, many people view Florida T-Fruit as holiday gifts; in fact, they are great for any occasion. To take advantage of the limited availability of Florida T-Fruit, look for various varieties from November through March.

…Each Florida T-Fruit variety is unique?
While most people can easily tell the difference between an orange and a grapefruit, Florida T-Fruit varieties often are not identified so easily. When shopping for Florida Tangerines, Tangelos and Temples, look for the special, unique traits that each variety offers.

...Tangelos (Available December-January)
Tangelos are a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerines and larger than other Florida T-Fruit. As their lineage implies, tangelos have a delicious tart/sweet flavor. There are two major varieties:
...*Orlando – Oval to round in shape and medium to large in size. The Orlando Tangelo has a light to deep orange color and pebbly peel of medium thickness.
...*Minneola (Honeybell) – A medium to very large tangelo that is slightly bell-shaped. They are deep orange to red-orange colored with smooth to pebbly skin and few seeds.

sMinneola ...Tangerines (Available November – March)
Tangerines are the most plentiful and best-known variety. Often called “zipper skin fruit” because they are so easy-to-peel, tangerines are famous for their rich, sweet flavor. There are four major types of tangerines:
...*Robinson – Medium to large size, orange-colored with a smooth to pebbly peel and few seeds.
...*Sunburst – A hybrid of two tangerines. Medium-size with a deep orange to red color; the sunburst tangerine has a deep flesh color and few seeds.
...*Dancy – Small to medium size, orange to red-orange colored with a smooth, loose peel, few seeds and a spice aroma.
...**Honey (Murcott) – Small to medium size, orange-yellow with possible green or russet tint. They have a smooth peel, with few seeds and a sweet fragrance. Honey tangerines are available February and March.

...Temple Oranges (Available January – March)
Generally regarded as Florida’s finest eating orange, temple oranges are medium in size with a deep orange color and pebbly peel. They have some seeds, peel and section easily and are great for juicing with an appeti-Zing fragrance and rich flavor quite different from other varieties.

Florida T-Fruit are peelable, portable and add a “Zing” to snacking!

sMurcottFlorida T-Fruit are very portable and can easily be put into lunchboxes, a briefcase or even your pocket as a snack. Easier to peel with smaller segments than other citrus varieties, Florida tangerines, tangelos and temples make the perfect snacks for children.
Florida T-Fruit’s vibrant, tangy taste and surpis-Zing-ly succulent, mouth-watering texture make them an excellent afternoon pick-me-up at home or in the office.

Florida T-Fruit are nutritious!

Like all Florida citrus, T-Fruit are natural sources of beneficial nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, folate and dietary fiber. For example, a jumbo-size tangerine is an excellent source of vitamin C, with only 46 calories.

Florida T-Fruit are easy to store and stay fresh for weeks!

Florida T-Fruit can be stored at room temperature for a week or more. For longer storage, put the fruit in a perforated plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator.

Next time you’re looking for a snack to energize your day, order some Florida T-Fruit.
They are... “Every Zing a snack should be!!!!"

***Florida Dept. of Citrus

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