Gift Shop & Packing House Questions

How can I take fruit home with me on the airplane?

Always check with your airlines before purchase. We can pack fruit in our standard shipping boxes for travel. We offer a broad selection of fruit in our Gift Fruit Shipping department, let us do the shipping for you. We guarantee our packages to arrive in good condition when furnished with a complete & correct shipping address. You may arrange to have fruit shipped directly to your home or to friends and family.

When do you close for the season?

We stop shipping citrus in early May. Our retail Gift Shoppe is open for gift purchases year round, except for the first two weeks of September, when we close for inventory. Please call 1-800-608-2525 (Local 941-748-5829) for questions.

Do you have special days or celebration days during the year?

Yes, we have many special celebration days throughout the season. Please call 1-800-608-2525 (Local 941-748-5829) for more specific information. We list them all on our website under the Calendar of Events.

What kinds of oranges are used to make Mixon’s juice?

We use a blend of in season varieties, selected for best taste, to make our juice.

Can we pick our own fruit?

No, picking citrus requires climbing ladders and wearing protective clothing as the trees have thorns. There are fire ants and bees also. We do not allow anyone to walk in our grove unless accompanied by one of our employees. The only fruit you may arrange to pick yourself is our Kumquats, available from December to the end of March.

Do you offer tours of the packing plant?

Yes, self guided tours through our packing plant are available every day but Sunday and are free of charge. Special group tours can be arranged by calling 1-800-608-2525, (Local 941-748-5829) Extension 256.

On what days do you juice?

We juice about three days a week depending on demand. We always have fresh Orange, Grapefruit and Lemonade on hand throughout our regular season - November through April. May through October, when the fruit is in the growing stage, we juice much less. We do not have a set schedule.

Does the Tram run on rainy days?

No, the Tram is open air with a stop at our Wildlife Rescue is interactive and outside. Call ahead to be sure.

How long does the Tram Tour last?

Our Tram takes you through our grove with a guide who will explain a little about the history of Mixon Fruit Farms and how our citrus is grown. It travels past the Magical Children's Maze and Butterfly Garden, the Pavilion, Gazebo and Wetlands Pond and makes a stop at our Wildlife Rescue. It lasts about an hour. Our tours are outside and interactive, so during rain they are cancelled. Note: Be sure to walk back to the Wedding Pavilion, Gazebo & Wetlands Pond after the tour and feed the large Koi Fish.

If I come into the store can I get the same items that are shown in the catalog?

All of the items in our catalog are available in our store, plus many many more. We often run specials on fruit and juice as well. Have lunch in our cafe, take a Tram Tour, and try free samples of our juice, citrus and fudge. We also have a wine tasting bar. Be sure to have a famous "Orange Swirl" Ice Cream Cone.

When do you conduct Tram Tours and what is the Tram Tour price?

In Season (Nov-May) Tram Tours are offered Monday thru Saturday at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00. We are closed on Sunday. The Tram Tour price for adults is - $10.00 + tax = $10.65 and children 3-12 is $5.00 + tax = $5.33 (under 3 years old is free). The group tour (12 or more) with lunch is $18.00 for adults and $7.50 per child plus tax. Call for more details. Out of Season (June - Oct) Tram Tours are offered Monday through Saturday at 11:00 & 1:00. Because our tours are outside and interactive, we cancel the tours when it is raining.

What are your business hours?

November - April: Groveside Cafe hours are 8:30-5:00; Gift Shoppe hours are 10:00-5:00; Office hours are 9:00-5:00 - all Monday thru Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.    
May: The Groveside Cafe closes at 3:00. The Office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. 
June - October: Gift Shoppe & Groveside Cafe hours are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Saturday. The office hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are closed on Sundays.

When does your fruit season begin?

The opening date for each season varies slightly but it’s usually early November. We take orders year round for all of our gift items. Our jellies, marmalades, dressings and fudge are very popular all year long. Call 1-800-608-2525 (Local 941-748-5829) for the new season fruit availability date and store hours.

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